November MYP @ 6

It happens to everyone. We see something and make an assumption on what we think is happening. Turns out, we are sometimes wrong. In those situations where we are wrong, it’s typically because we don’t have all of the information we need in order to know what’s going on. What does that situation look like when you take a step back and see the bigger picture? Please join us for our November MYP @ 6 event with Mitch Issacs from Shafer Leadership Academy. Our program, A Picture is Worth 1,000 Ideas, we will take a look at how we judge a situation without taking into account other circumstances that we may not be aware of. Mitch will guide us through a thoughtful discussion and activities that provide us with the tools to take a step back before making assumptions.

Mitch Issacs is the Executive Director at the Shafer Leadership Academy in Muncie. His organization trains and empowers professionals throughout the community to become the leaders our city can be proud of.

Cost: $5
Snacks provided.

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